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Real Time Imaging of Tumor Margin


About Us

CytoVeris Inc. is an emerging company formed with the vision to change the paradigm in cancer surgery through the introduction of optical based “guided surgical tools”

Our technology will assist cancer surgeons to discern between cancer tissue and healthy tissue in real-time during surgery and as a result will increase the probability of successful cancer surgery and outcomes. We use a multi-modal approach, including Raman Spectroscopy, to provide an optical “fingerprint” of the tissue to the molecular level. The need we serve, and the technology we employ, are ready now for introduction and broad market adoption.


Our Vision 

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Current surgical techniques to remove cancer are challenged by the lack of a precise intra-operative method to identify the ‘margin’ between normal and cancerous tissue. CytoVeris has been founded with the vision to develop new optical based ‘guided surgical’ tools to aid surgeons in determining tumor margin in real-time during surgical procedures.

Our new OncoVeris™ technology platform will assist surgeons in assessing tissue type during surgery, using an optical technique known as Raman spectroscopy. This technique provides high molecular specificity – measurement of the Raman spectra can be considered to give the optical fingerprint of a biomolecule.

The OncoVeris™ platform will allow surgeons to determine the margin in areas of concern via our MarginAssure™ probe, as well as map out the entire surface of excised tumors using our TumorMAP™ scanner to verify that there is sufficient margin depth. These tools will help the surgeon to ensure that they have removed all of the cancer tissue with a sufficient margin depth, which will significantly reduce the need for follow-up resection surgery and minimize requirements for more aggressive follow-up treatments.

CytoVeris is also developing additional optical approaches that assess biochemical and structural indicators of cancer in the tissue and its micro-environment that will augment Raman margin assessment for improved specificity and sensitivity, as well as provide additional insight into tissue characteristics.


Translating Raman spectroscopy to a surgical tool for intraoperative margin assessment

Raman spectroscopy also holds the potential to allow surgeons to detect the grade and aggressiveness of cancer