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The New Paradigm:

Real-Time Intraoperative

Surgical Margin Assessment

Unfortunately, today, even with the advances that have been made in cancer treatment, in surgical oncology procedures, such as in breast conserving surgery (lumpectomy) for example, 20 to 25% of patients leave hospital after cancer surgery to be told later that ‘we didn’t get it all’. These patient have to go back for follow up surgery, and potentially go on more aggressive radiation or chemo regimens etc.

The cost to the healthcare system, and more importantly, the emotional and physical trauma to patients is extreme, and has a negative impact on overall patient outcomes and survivability.


Surgical Pathology is the Gold Standard, but is not a scalable intraoperative solution for real-time tumor margin assessment


Our OncoVeris™ technology platform will assist surgeons in assessing tissue type during surgery, using an optical technique known as Raman spectroscopy. This technology provides high molecular specificity – measurement of the Raman spectra can be considered to give the optical fingerprint of a biomolecule.

Raman spectroscopy

a biomolecular-sensitive analytical technique